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Come meet our newest family member, Victoria!

On April 14, 2003 on one of our weekly trips to Petsmart for animal supplies, my son, Foster and I fell in love with the most beautiful kitty, Victoria.
Now we always look at the kitties, the lizards, the mice, the hamsters, the fish, heck the whole store, and we've never actually thought, "hey we need to take this one home", now we've wanted to take many home but never felt we "needed" to take one home. But this kitty was different. I don't know why but she spoke to us. She was so little and beautiful and cool! She would hold her paw out to 'pet' us when we would go in the 'cat room' to see her in her cage. She would 'meow' as if to say "hi guys I've been waiting for you, ^Savannah-Booboo^ told me you would come". We just felt like ^Sav^ brought us together. So a week went by and we thought for sure someone else would adopt her, but nope. So another week went by and she was still not adopted, very strange I thought. So then the next week when we went to see her the girl who runs the adoptions was there and she let us hold her out of her cage. Our other furbabies were there (our doggies Bonnie and Holden) and they all 3 got along fabulously. She sat in Foster's lap like she was a puppy, very cute. She was just SO DARN COOL! We had to have her! So off we went to talk dh into having a cat in the house. Now mind you, he's not exactly a cat person. But he said "Ok, let's go look at her". So that night we went to look at her and he said " Oh Shann, you're right, she needs to come home with us, she belongs with our family". Very odd thing for a non-cat guy to say. But we all felt the connection, we all felt ^Booboo^ up there at the bridge doing her stuff!
So the next day we met the adoption girl there to take our new baby home! We were so excited!
She has done so well! It's like she's been here all along! The dogs and her get along wonderfully and she's so comfortable!
We are all very happy to have this new addition to our home! And we're looking forward to many happy years of love together.
The vet said she's about 1 to 11/2 yrs. old, and she's some kind of seal point tabby mut kitty, but to us she's the most beautiful cat ever born!

Click here for more pictures!