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Foster's Fabulous Adventures

cool Foster; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Ya, that's right I'm cool...Jimmy Dean, Elvis Presley..don't have a thing on me!!

Foster eating bday cake; Actual size=180 pixels wide

YUM! My 1st bday party & my 1st cake!

Foster 3months old; Actual size=240 pixels wide

I was only 3 months old here!


Hi everyone! I am Foster Michael Skinner, I just turned 1 yr. old on Feb. 26th! I am a very active and bright little man! Mommy & Daddy have a hard time keeping up with me! Where should I begin? Well, I have always liked to learn things "as fast as I can", so they tell me! I started walking when I was 8 months old and haven't slowed down at all! I talk up a storm, dada, mama, doggy, iggy (I can't say p yet) tree, and iwau...which is I love you, I just say it as 1 word! I love books and animals! I love to growl & make elephant sounds! I also do baby sign language, I sign about 10 signs so far. They call me "Dennis The Menice", gosh I don't know why! I have a new adventure every day, I will have mommy post them!

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