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Foster's Fabulous Adventures

Here are pics of me all over the world playing!

Foster & mommy surfing; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I went surfing with mommy & daddy last summer in Malibu!

Foster @ sheshe&papas; Actual size=240 pixels wide

This was at SheShe & PaPa's house at Christmas!

Me all over the world!

Mommy & Daddy take me traveling all over! We fly back & forth between Los Angeles, CA. and Atlanta, GA. I also go visit my mommies mom & dad (SheShe & PaPa) in Tulsa, OK. When I am there I also get to see my aunt Val & Uncle Suk and my great grandma's MaMa & NaNa!I love my SheShe, PaPa, Aunt Val & Uncle Suk & MaMa & NaNa very much! I love it when I get to go see them! When I am in Atlanta I spend time with my NaNa & grandpa & my daddies cousins kids! When I am in Los Angeles I spend time with Richard(daddio) & Scott, Catherine & Bren & Kye-Kye, Donald & David, Jessica, Jackie and all the other people that I love! We travel alot and I am looking forward to going to Europe this summer with mommy & daddy!

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