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In June 1989 I was given a baby Maltese only 6 weeks old by my mom Sheila as a wedding present. You see only 9 months earlier my Maltese, Eden had been stolen out of the front courtyard of my condo. It totally devestated me. Eden had been in my life for only 2 short years but what a mark she had made on my heart. I was so in love with her. When she was stolen I was sure I would never want another Maltese puppy, after all no other puppy could replace her. I had decided that I would have other dogs but not another Maltese, I just couldn't stand the though of it not being her. Boy am I glad my mom didn't listen to me! I recieved another dog from my fiance at the time, a Sharpe. What a cutie patootie, but she was so big, she loved to cuddle but she couldn't fit in my lap. I missed having my little Eden on the bed with me and in my lap. My mom knew this, so for my wedding present on June 6, 1989 she took me to talk to a lady about a dog that needed help. We went to see a woman who had bred her champion Maltese's she had a puppy my mom had talked to her about. She was selling all of the pups but this one pup was very small, even for a Maltese. During feeding when this puppy was 2 weeks old she had been crushed by the other puppies, the owner had revived her by CPR but didn't know if she would have permanent brain damage or not. The owner was afraid that no one would want to buy her for a show dog. Also she knew not to many people would want the responsibility of caring for a possibly brain damaged dog. The vet's wouldn't know if the puppy suffered brain damage or not for a few more months. I walked in and looked at all of the adorable puppies, I hesitated and almost turned and walked out, it just flooded back memories of my Eden. My mom took me by the arm and sat with me on the floor. The next thing I knew this beautiful tiny girl was on my lap with her paws on my belly trying to kiss me! I looked into those big brown eyes and my heart just melted. I felt this total connection. How was I to know this furbaby girl was to change my life forever.

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I knew instantly that she was going home with me. My mom paid the lady, whom still charged us $1000.00 for a champion Maltese puppy, even though she may have brain damage! I took her out and bought her a playpen, toys, sweaters, food and prepared myself to take care of this beautiful furbaby, no matter what the diagnosis was going to be. I knew exactly what I was going to name her. The day before I got her I saw a movie called "Savannah Smile's" about the prettiest little girl, with the most beautiful infectious smile! As soon as I saw this little puppy I knew she also was a Savannah smiles!
A few weeks went by and it was time for her check up and more shots. Now after having this angel for 2 weeks I just knew there was no way she had any brain damage. She was so smart. It was scary, she was so human. It was almost like she could talk. She had a different bark for what she wanted or needed, she virtually potty trained herself. She was so playful and full of life. The vet confirmed what I already knew, she didn't have any brain damage and she was very healthy! As she grew I became more convinced that she had been here on this earth before, she already 'knew the ropes'. By the time she was a year old she was teaching me!  ^Sav^ always seemed to know everything and nothing ever seemed to surprise her. But most of all she knew me, she knew me better than anyone else in my life ever has.

I was lucky to be blessed with sharing almost 14 years of my life with my ^Savannah-Booboo^. She was there for me through so much. When I felt like I just could not go on ^Sav^ would be there to pick me up, she always knew when it was the right time to make me feel better and she always knew how to make me feel better.
When I first got her she was only 8 weeks old, I was only 24 years old. She was there with me for my first marriage, she was there for me to help me battle cervical and ovarian cancer, she was there with me through all of my many travels around the world, and all of my many moves, she was there for me through my divorce. She was there with me through my second marriage and the birth of my wonderful son! ^Sav^ graciously accepted new furbabies into our family. She of course instantly became the 'alpha dog'. She told everyone in the household who was boss!
So many trials and tribulations of my early adulthood she shared with me. She was my rock, my strength, she was the one who guided me through the pain, shared with me the joy and honestly and truely loved me.
Now I have to be the one with the strength, it is now my turn to let my beautiful soulmate be free, to run and be happy at the Rainbow Bridge, while I try to figure out how I am going to get through the hardest  time of my life without my rock, without my strength.

^Savannah-Booboo^, you chose me as your mommy back in 1989, how was I to know that you knew we were soulmates. I thank God for lending you to me for almost 14 years, you were and always will be my soulmate, my angel, my guardian, my little 6 pound Maltese puppy I will always love you more than you will ever know, you are and always will be in my heart, in my soul, Thank you I love you so.