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^Savannah's^ memorial tribute at the rainbow bridge

Petloss.com, tribute to ^Sav^

The Rainbow Bridge Residents of the ivillage pet bereavement board

The Pet Bereavement Board on ivillage The kindess, most wonderful ladies anywhere, they have been my angels on earth!

Mountain Park Animal Hospital, the most wonderful DVM's in Georgia!


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^Savannah-Booboo^, you chose me as your mommy back in 1989, how was I to know that you knew we were soulmates. I thank God for lending you to me for almost 14 years, you were and always will be my soulmate, my angel, my guardian, my little 6 pound Maltese puppy I will always love you more than you will ever know, you are and always will be in my heart, in my soul, Thank you I love you so.